Running your own business?

Are you self employed, in partnership, or a director of a limited company?

Don’t you think you should be keeping more of what you earn?

Most people think they are paying too much tax. Often, we are able to prove them right. However, don’t just complain about paying too much tax. Do something POSITIVE about it. Whether you are in business as a sole trader, partnership or a limited company, you owe it to yourself to find an active accountancy service on your side, one that works for you - NOT THE TAXMAN!

Here is your opportunity.

We are a professionally qualified Chartered Accountancy practice that aims to provide you with the highest standards of professional taxation and business advice.
The routine services you would expect us to provide are listed below but it’s the important ongoing professional advice that really helps our clients.

Advice on minimising your taxation and NIC liabilities.
Advance notice of exactly what tax and NIC to pay, and when to pay it.
Advice on Tax/NIC savings from trading as a limited company.
Advice on the benefits of drawing the optimum amount of dividend.
Advice on the payment of director’s and life partner’s remuneration.
Advice on the operation of director’s loan accounts.
Advice on the benefits of charging a tax free business mileage allowance.
Prompting you to avoid late filing penalties, surcharges, and interest.
Taking the stress out of dealing with any tax or VAT investigations.
Helping you avoid being caught by IR35.

Above all, we never forget

We are here to best service your own individual requirements.
The benefits of our service have to outweigh the costs.  

Our routine services

Preparation of annual accounts.
Preparation of Tax Returns.
Obtaining CIS25 Tax Refunds for Subcontractors.
Preparation of payrolls.
Preparation of Forms P35 and Forms P11D.
Preparation of VAT Returns.
Limited company formations. Ask for your FREE limited company formation, worth £125
Book-keeping support.
Preparation of periodic internal accounts to help you manage your business.

Other additional services we provide

Training and support for Sage/Quickbooks/Tasbooks packages.
Insurance against the professional costs of tax, VAT, PAYE/NIC investigations.
Tax advice on business purchase/disposal.
New business start up advice.
Accountants’ References for borrowing purposes.
Support in preparing insurance claims.

Deal with the same qualified member of staff

Generally, wherever possible, it is our policy is to allocate a dedicated assistant to each client who will deal with your affairs on a day to day basis. This dedicated assistant will hold a recognised accountancy qualification. All our clients therefore benefit from continuity of service and qualified professional technical support.

Speed of service

Generally, wherever possible, it is our policy to deal with any assignment within four weeks, assuming you are able to supply us with complete books and records.

Need we say more?

Ask ALAN BODDY F.C.A. for an independent personal and professional review of your financial affairs,
E, in complete confidence, and without obligation!